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Project Description

Coffee destination: Bali, Kintamani

The Kintamani region in Bali is less known for its unique Arabica coffee and more known for its lavishing green nature, high volcanos and numerous orange trees. However, Kintamani Bali coffee is a speciality coffee with a smooth body and characteristic taste made by numerous small family farmers who carefully pick the coffee cherries one-by-one from their decades old coffee trees.

Bali, Kintamani is the primary coffee growing region and Robusta coffee still accounts for the major part of the production in Bali, however Arabica is gaining new ground fast. What’s the difference? Arabica has a stronger body and less acid than Robusta. It has also half the caffeine which means it is a perfect afternoon or evening coffee moment to stay focused, calm and energised. The speciality coffee scene has grown fast the last few years in Bali where more and more cafe’s invest in educating Barista’s in order to make beautiful coffee but also to understand their beans.

When travelling to Bali, Kintamani and visiting the plantations we discovered very unique rituals the Balinese family coffee farmers used. One such important aspect is that they farm according to the Tri Hita Karana which translates to “the three sources of prosperity.” This philosophy emphasizes the importance of the relationships between man and God, man and fellow man, and man and the environment. This ensures that the beans are grown and harvested in an environmentally and natural way.

In 2008, Kintamani Bali coffee received the GI certification. GI is an official quality label that guarantees the origin and specification of a product. The label certifies that the product holds certain qualities and certain reputation because of its geographical origin.

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  • Location: Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia
  • The Pelan Beans impact: premium prices for farmers, feedback from roasters to improve quality, cooperation with local NGO’s to improve coffee quality and general living standards.

  • The people: Balinese small scale family farmers organised together
  • The rituals: Tri Hitana Karana belief  of coffee production with respect to environment, people and Gods.
  • The coffee: 100% Arabica coffee, single origin, afternoon coffee with naturally low-caffeine

  • The taste: milk chocolate with characteristic hints of citrus

  • Preparation: moka, french press, drip